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What You Will Learn In The Course:
Introduction To Digital Marketing

Learn key fundamentals of online marketing! Great introduction, especially for beginners, on how to start a business in digital marketing.

How To Build You Own Sales Process With Personal Branding

You will learn everything you need to know about how to brand yourself and your business. This module will also teach you step-by-step how to build a successful sales funnel to convert leads into customers.

Email Marketing

Learn how to keep customers engaged using efficient email marketing campaigns. You will learn how to design, personalize and automate your emails as well as check analytics to determine their effectiveness.

Branding Expansion

In this module you will learn how to develop and implement a strong brand awareness. You will learn how to build a secure and lasting reputation, as well as how to effectively deliver and promote this branding across many platforms.

Business Tools

You will be introduced to a range of tools and technologies that will help you efficiently run your business. These tools include project management software, customer realtionship management systems, financial managment software, and marketing automation platforms.

Platforms For Social Media Marketing

In this module you will learn how to leverage the strengths of each social media platform and how to use each to successfully market your business. You will learn how to create capturing content for platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube and Pinterest.

Content Strategies

You will learn how to create highly effective strategies for content development and learn techniques to engage your audience, increase your brand reach and visibility, capture sales as well as create strong customer interactions.

Free Community Support

You will gain lifetime access to a free supportive community where students can connect with each other and receive additional support and guidance from peers and instructors. You will have the ability to ask questions, share successes and gain feedback.

SEO & Blogging

In this module you will discover how to create impressive blog content that ranks well in search engines in order to drive consistent traffic to your website!

A little about me.

Hello! I am Amy and I am so happy you found your way to this page! Believe me, if you are feeling a little skeptical, I GET IT! I was the same. I can be a big skeptic. BUT, I actually believe it can be a good thing when we're skeptical! It means we aren't being careless. It means we are questioning, and we should ALWAYS be questioning! But, take it from me, as someone who worked in Clinical Research for years, you can bet I did my research here. After finding countless success stories, and I am talking HUGE success, I jumped in and haven't looked back!

I was so ready for a change. I did all the things you're "supposed" to do. Paid the thousands of dollars to get my degree, got the job, climbed the corporate ladder for years working 50-60 hours a week wondering if this was it. I was BURNT OUT and unhappy! I wanted more time with my family and friends, more time to travel and actually enjoy life, and hopefully be able to stay home and still earn an income when the time came to grow our family!

I knew there had to be a way.

Well, I found it!

However, I will be presumptive enough to say I have also been right where you are right now. That feeling of excitement starting to bubble up thinking this might actually be legit but, in the same thought, convincing myself even if it was, it wouldn't work for me.

Here's the thing...this is legit. It is completely real! Tons of people just like you and me are having incredible success, quitting their 9-to-5's, traveling the world, spending more quality time with their children and taking their lives back and YOU COULD BE NEXT!

And, btw, if you needed a quick reminder... you deserve it, and you are worth it. Read that again.

Now, do me a favor. Take just a minute and picture what financial and time freedom would look like for you. How would your life be different? Picture your absolute dream life. Maybe it's traveling the world, maybe it's glitz and glamour and all the extravagant things, maybe it's just the freedom to snuggle your babies 24/7 without a second thought of the bank account (what a beautiful life), whatever it is...

Let's go get that life for you, friend!

If you are ready to get started, and potentially be making money you didn't even think was is your chance!

I am here to help you however I can. I can't wait to hear about your success and you better believe I will be cheering you on!

You are SO worth the life you daydream about, and here is where it starts!

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